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Josh Nelson's very best 


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The Sky Remains

2017. The Sky Remains is Josh’s love letter to Los Angeles. The third in his Discovery Project series, it unearths hidden gems and little-known stories about the composer’s hometown. Features guitarist Anthony Wilson and vocalist Kathleen Grace.


Dream in the Blue


2016. Josh's long collaboration with vocalist Sara Gazarek has resulted in an intimate and beautiful duo project, featuring soulful cover tunes and new original music.


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Exploring Mars


2015. Josh Nelson’s sixth recording as a leader, where he ambitiously explores the red planet through exciting original compositions.





2011. A musical look into the world of science fiction, early cinema, and inventors. nostalgia meets modern on this inspired recording.



I Hear a Rhapsody


2009. Josh's fourth album as a leader, strong statement of melodies, arrangements and virtuosic performances by a young all-star band.

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let it go


2006. Josh’s exciting debut album from 2006, featuring jazz greats Seamus Blake, Anthony Wilson, and Matt Wilson.