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The Sky Remains

New album “The Sky Remains” is available now!

Produced by Josh Nelson and Anthony Wilson, the new album explores the past, present, and future of Josh’s hometown of Los Angeles.

From stories about Griffith Park, Mack Robinson, Pacific Ocean Park, to old and new music by Eliot Smith, Russ Garcia, Kathleen Grace, Josh, and Jerry Goldsmith, this record will reveal little-known stories about La La Land! 

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"The Sky Remains" Interview

The new album "The Sky Remains" available on Origin Records on 9-15-17! 


unconventional. eclectic. inspired.




Josh is that rare young musician who has not only a wealth of study and experience under his belt (all but assuring him a prominent place in jazz music), but he also possesses those rarest of musical attributes: a touch, a tone, and a “sound” that are all identifiably his own.
— Peter Erskine







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