Griffith Park Hike 2.1.17


Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California

I hiked from the top of Commonwealth St in Los Feliz, to the top of Mount Hollywood! Elevation 1,625 ft. About 1.5 hours.

Beautiful day for a hike! Wow, after a solid few weeks of rain, the park is looking rejuvenated and healthy again. Water flows, green grows! Lovely! The earth appears to smile at me, feeling fresh and invigorated. 

As I hiked, I thought of the promise of spring. Another chance. Renewal. Perhaps we should all be looking at this surreal political climate as a gift. An opportunity to try to understand and grow. Much like the green hills around me. What a gift.

I took a turn on the trail and came up a film crew, actor Colin Farrell walking past me. More surreal experiences. Or not so much. I mean, it is LA. You're liable to run into a celebrity here and there. But I'm here for the nature. Now, don't get me wrong: if veteran Hollywood actor from yesteryears James Mason rounded the corner, hiking towards me on the trail, I would gladly approach him and tell him how much I adored his acting and his films. 

All for now. More reflections on this beautiful hike tomorrow. 

Josh Nelson